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Welcome to Mirrored Sims!

I'm Yamirose and this is where I keep all of the objects
and other stuff that I've made for the Sims 1 game.

I hope you find something here that you like.

New items are usually added to the top of each page.

Site moved March 03, 2018. Last updated March 03, 2018.

Due to the site being down for almost 6 weeks,
I've kept the tags for the previous couple of updates.


I am just a line.



General Furniture Updated January 01

Sets - large NEW STUFF

Sets - small Updated January 01

Books & Learning NEW STUFF

Mirrors Updated December 25

Artwork Updated December 25


Lights & Electrical Updated December 25

Decorative Updated January 01

Outdoors Updated January 01

Build Updated December 25

Floors, Walls & Roofs

Simlogical Wall Unit Set Recolours & Extras Updated January 01

Shop Items


Themed Objects

Theme - Medieval

Theme - Rise of the Guardians

Theme - Pirates

Theme - Legend of Zelda

Theme - Rainbow Brite Updated January 01

Theme - Yu-Gi-Oh!

Theme - Kamisama Kiss

Theme - The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir NEW PAGE - NEW SKINS

Theme - Japanese Shrine


Objects Shared Elsewhere

Shared on Other Sites

Advent Items Updated January 01


CTO Fundraiser 2016 Items


Other Downloads


Sims Art Shop - Frames



I am just a line.


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