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Legend of Zelda


The Legend of Zelda is one of a long-running series of videogames (also a short cartoon series) that tell the story of a young Hero named Link and his quest to overcome danger and rescue the land's Princess Zelda.

In the stories, the most powerful artifact in the land of Hyrule (where the games are set) is the Triforce. It is made up of three triangular objects, each one a Triforce in itself: the Triforces of Wisdom, Courage and Power.

One of the Triforces sits in the middle of the tile, just off the floor/table/counter. The other sits at the back of the tile and is made for the floor only. Both are permanently-on light sources.


I am just a line.


Triforce and Counter Set

Triforce Set



Princess Zelda and Link Skins
Head and body meshes by Yamirose - included.


Download - Princess Zelda

Download - Link




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